REAP HEAVY: One-Time Order

REAP HEAVY: One-Time Order


What’s included:
6 Rise Bites, 12 Glow Bowls, 2 Graze Bags
* If you opt for the Double Rise Bite option, you will get 6 Rise Bites with each delivery. This is great option for parents whose kids enjoy our Rise Bites. One Rise Bite for you, one for them, and the breakfast rush or snack time is made a WHOLE lot easier.

Not into spending any time in the kitchen or at the grocery store? Our HEAVY option is great for the person who rarely has time to put together a meal. This delivery option gets you 1 Rise Bite, and 2 Glow Bowls for six days of the week. Meaning: You’ve got plant-filled breakfast, lunch and dinner covered. (You will receive two of each daily Glow Bowl, rather than one, to eat throughout the week.) This is also a great option to have plant-filled bases already prepared for all of your meals, so you can easily add your own non-plant-based protein, like fish or chicken, and save a lot of time in the process. This also serves as a super-helpful option for couples or roommates who are looking to supplement their week with healthy meals.

To keep your food as fresh as possible, half of your meals will be delivered on Sunday and the other half will be delivered on Wednesday. Please read our full FAQ here to have all your questions answered before ordering.

Our delivery zone info: Right now, we deliver to all of Center City Philadelphia and many surrounding neighborhoods. Between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, we deliver as far north as Allegheny Avenue and as far south as the Navy Yard, and we also deliver to University City. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery zone, give us a shout at to confirm before placing your order. We will expand our delivery zone as we receive interest, so if you are located in the Philadelphia area and are interested in receiving deliveries, but aren’t located in our zone, email us so we can take note!

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