What kind of food do you deliver? We deliver thoughtfully created, plant-forward, chef-crafted meals.

Our mission at REAP Wellness is to make eating more plants both easy and delicious for our clients. We are passionate about this for a number of reasons: plants are crucial to a healthy gut, and more and more research is showing just how important our gut health is to our overall health, playing into everything from digestion to mental health to skin health. Another reason we’re passionate about this is because most Americans also don’t eat enough plants. In fact, some research shows that only 1 in 10 Americans eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. So, we want to make it an excuse-free practice for you.

Our Rise Bites, Glow Bowls  and Graze Bags are all thoughtfully designed by REAP co-founders Adjua Fisher, a certified health coach, and Zach Rice, a chef with 15+ years of industry experience.

Items on the menu change week to week, but what we can always guarantee you’ll get delivered to your doorstep are plant-loaded meals and snacks, full of functional ingredients, that you’ll actually look forward to eating. If fully plant-based meals aren’t your speed, all of our meals also serve as great bases for your favorite non-plant-based protein, which you can add at home.

To break down what you’ll get each week:
Our Rise Bites—from chia puddings to coconut yogurt parfaits—are great for breakfast or as a midday snack.

Our Glow Bowls—think: ready-to-eat plant-heavy salads, lettuce cups, grain bowls, and more—make for a great lunch or dinner. They are chock-full of plant fiber, protein and healthy fats to keep you satiated, but they also work well when paired with non-plant-based proteins like wild-caught salmon.

Our Graze Bags are for the in-between times in the day when you’re on the run and need a snack (hey, it happens to the best of us!). They change from week to week, but can be anything from Maca Granola to Nori Brittle to Bliss Balls.

What is (and isn’t) in your food? All of our food is plant-forward, meaning plants and plant-based foods, like nuts, seeds and legumes, are the stars. We use local and organic ingredients when possible, and we use quality oils, like olive and avocado, in all of our products.

To make our food friendly for those with dietary restrictions, you won’t find any dairy, meat or gluten in our meals.

Where do you deliver to? Right now, we deliver to all of Center City Philadelphia and many surrounding neighborhoods. Between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, we deliver as far north as Allegheny Avenue and as far south as the Navy Yard, and we also deliver to University City. If you are unsure if you are in our delivery zone, give us a shout at info@reapwellness.com to confirm before placing your order. We will expand our delivery zone as we receive interest, so if you are located in the Philadelphia area and are interested in receiving deliveries, but aren’t located in our zone, email us so we can take note!

When do you deliver? We deliver on Sundays and Wednesdays between 6 and 10pm. If you order the LIGHT option, your order will be delivered on Sunday or Wednesday, depending on what day you choose at checkout. If you order MEDIUM or HEAVY, you will receive two deliveries (one on Sunday, one on Wednesday) to make sure you’re eating the freshest food possible.

What if I’m not at home during the delivery window? If you are not home during your delivery window, your delivery will dropped off in an insulated bag outside of your door. With this option, we recommend retrieving your order within an hour and storing in the fridge, as all of our food is perishable. If you will not be able to be home anytime near your delivery window, you can also arrange to pick up your food at Inspired Brews in Old City. Reach out to us at info@reapwellness.com if that is your preference.

Can I customize my order? The short answer: no. Since one of our missions is to help people eat more plants easily, we’ve taken the decision-making factor out of it for you. Decision fatigue, be gone!

What you see on the weekly menu (posted here each week) is what you will get each week. All of our food is free of gluten, dairy and meat, eliminating many common allergy concerns. That said, if you have any serious allergies, it’s best to consult with us before putting your order in. Just shoot us an email to info@reapwellness.com so we can see how we can accommodate you.

While you can’t customize your base order, we will offer weekly add-ons that are fully up to you to choose from, from salad dressings to gazpachos.

Can I pause my subscription? Yes, if you are going out of town or decide you want to try your hand in the kitchen more regularly, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Just make sure to do so by 11:59 p.m. on the Thursday before your first skipped delivery, otherwise a delivery will still be made. When you are ready to resume deliveries, just re-subscribe.

What are the benefits of having a subscription?

  1. You never have to worry about placing your order. Phew: One less thing on your to-do list.

  2. You don’t have to worry about not being able to place an order because we are at capacity, which can happen with our one-time orders. Your order will simply be placed for you, and you’ll have plenty of plant-loaded meals delivered to your door every week.

  3. Subscription-based clients receive discounted pricing on their weekly orders.

Can I give my insulated bags, Rise Bite jars and ice packs back to you? Yes! Simply leave them outside of your door or hand them off when your next delivery arrives. We will reuse them, reducing waste in the process.