Work with Adjua 

Want to feel better in your body? Want to repair your relationship with food? Want to break habits that aren’t serving you and create a solid foundation to move forward feeling like the best version of yourself?

While working with Adjua, a certified holistic health coach, she will help guide you in uncovering the root causes of discord in your relationship to food and work with you through a holistic approach to remedy the areas affecting how you nourish yourself. For many clients, how we choose to feed ourselves is not just about food: stress, sleep (or a lack of it), a lack of knowledge in the kitchen, and more limit how we fuel, treat and talk to ourselves. This limits our potential. No, thank you!

If you are tired of feeling like you aren’t reaching the heights you’re meant to in your daily life because you just can’t seem to figure out how to fuel yourself—body and mind—shoot Adjua an email at info@reapwellness.com to apply to be a client of her Find Your Glow health coaching program, where you’ll discuss everything from gut health (and why it’s majorly important to overall happiness) to stress (and how we can target yours) to sleep. Adjua takes a limited number of clients each month to make sure she can give each one the attention they deserve.