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At Reap Wellness, helmed by holistic health coach Adjua Fisher and chef Zach Rice, we believe in glowing from the inside out. When it comes to how you look, feel and move through the world, we know that you reap what you sow, and our aim is to make the sowing process a whole lot easier for you.

With all of our holistic health coaching services, we help each of our clients to find their glow through a two-pronged approach: by helping them to eat well simply—no complicated diets, no deprivation, no dread, and absolutely no 40-ingredient recipes—and by transforming their relationship to food through a holistic approach involving open conversation, guided introspection, reflection and genuine feedback. The end goal is for you to spend less time stressing about what the heck you should or shouldn't eat and more time actually enjoying your food, reaping the benefits, and basking in your newfound glow. 

Along with our holistic health coaching services, we also offer boutique catering, workshops, cooking classes, pop-up dinners, and more.