About Reap

At Reap Wellness, we believe that a holistic approach centered around embracing real, good food—especially plants!—can transform how you feel in your body and how you perform in the world, helping you to be your very best self on the daily. 

We offer tailored holistic health coaching programs, events to sharpen your cooking skills, ready-to-eat plant-forward food services, and more.


About Adjua

After spending years as a health and wellness journalist and editor, I found myself feeling like a bit of a fraud: I was sharing all this information for how to feel your best every day with readers, but between adult acne that I couldn’t kick, digestive woes that turned me into a totally flaky friend, low energy and an all-around sluggish feeling, I wasn’t actually feeling so great in my own body.

After trying every product under the sun (er, well, every product sold at Sephora, at least) to erase my skin issues—all with no luck—I turned to my plate. With some research under my belt, I started giving way more real estate to antioxidant- and nutrient-rich fruits and veggies and nixed common inflammatory trigger foods, and with the changes in how I was nourishing my body, my skin cleared up (insert tears of joy here), my energy returned, and my digestive issues were no longer screwing with my social life. This is when I came to a life-altering realization: Food—real, good, whole food—is magic; and transforming your relationship with food can have dramatic impacts on way more areas of your life than just your waistline.

I decided to continue my education and become a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so that I could share the transformative powers of real food with others. Now I work with clients to help them make sustainable lifestyle changes to become their glowiest selves. When I’m not talking about the joys of hemp seeds, I also enjoy my fair share of The Real Housewives franchise with ghee-drenched popcorn, because balance, y’all.