"Everything that I learned from Reap Wellness was completely worthwhile. Adjua helped me shift my mindset to a new way of managing not only my eating habits, but my stress level, too. My job is the eat-at-your-desk type: I often found myself getting take-out for convenience’s sake and because I was stressed out. I knew I was capable of cooking, but I never felt like I’d be the type of person to meal prep and be able to fit that into my weekly schedule. Learning to think about food in a new way has helped me to sleep better, fit in important stress reducers like meditation and extra exercise, and not fall down that spiral after having a slice of pizza and a glass of wine.

"Adjua is thorough, super knowledgeable in both cooking and nutrition, very encouraging and fun. Her follow-up emails keep you accountable and excited about your progress, and our meet-ups felt more like comfortable happy hours instead of daunting appointments. She’ll make you feel totally at ease even though changing lifestyle habits can be frustrating at times."

— Rachel C. 

"Seeing calories on a menu used to freak me the F out, but ever since working with Adjua,  I’ve learned the benefits of what every ingredient in a meal does for the mind and body. I don’t look for calories anymore, I look for what’s going to make my brain and body feel the best it can be."

— Juliet S. 

"Adjua is wonderful to work with because she makes wellness approachable. As someone who had fallen down one too many Google and social-media rabbit holes, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on wellness, being healthy, what to eat, what not to eat, etc. I had come to a place where my desire to feel better and my interest in learning more about wellness actually left me feeling more stressed! Enter Adjua, my patient and non-judgmental guide through all of the wellness noise. I came to Adjua specifically concerned with healthy eating, though she quickly identified that perhaps stress was my biggest issue. I struggled to eat well when I felt stressed and then I stressed because I wasn't eating well. Not exactly a recipe for success! In addition to giving me some super easy recipe ideas and meal-planning tips, Adjua provided me with tools to manage the stress of my daily life. As it turns out, once I got into a rhythm with eating well, I felt a little less stressed. More importantly, once I had a toolkit for managing stress when it did arise, I felt more in control of my well-being, both in terms of food choices and otherwise. Finally, I'm so grateful not only for the tools that Adjua shared with me but really for the simplicity of her approach. She didn't try to start me on a million supplements, or cut out twelve food groups all in one day. If anything, I was self-imposing some of those rules on myself before talking to her. Instead, she took it back to basics and focused on diversifying my choices ever so slightly so that I could simply enjoy food that makes my body feel good."

— Stephanie F.